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about us

Mighty Agwu Investments

Mighty Agwu Investment Limited was founded and built on the concept of identifying the right opportunities, based on the supply and demand of the market and delivering the goods at the most optimal value, while providing customers with the exceptional service.

Our goal is to supply only original and high quality products that meet the strict requirements of consumers, at attractive and competitive prices.
Stable and close cooperation with the largest distributors and manufacturers allow us to achieve that.

Many companies and organizations are simply profit driven, setting aside the importance of quality and trust. Mighty Agwu is built on the foundation of quality deliverables and trusted results in every industry we find ourselves.

main principles

Mission Statement

Our Mission

To attain reliability and efficiency in every industry we are involved in through quality, honesty and productivity.

Our Vision

To create value, protect quality of service and provide credible trust by constantly seeking growth and evolution in every area of life.

Our Values
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Trustworthy business Innovations
  • Quality Assurance
  • Corporate Social responsibility
  • Growth & Evolution

We specialize in

What We Do

Our Core Services

Our team of experienced professionals in each business field enable us to help our customers to receive best service, best variety of products and at the most competitive prices.

Commodity Exportation

We export high quality and well packaged products that meet international standards to our clients all over the world at competitive prices.

Agricultural Investments

We are engaged in offering a wide variety of Agro products and services ranging from animal farming, fish farming, plantain and banana plantation.

Hair Products Distribution

We are dedicated to providing the most advanced and highest quality hair products, working directly with suppliers to get the best value for our customers.

Clothing and Accessories Importation

We follow market trends to meet our customer's needs in providing a wide range of fashion products such as shirts, shoes, unisex clothes etc.

Business Consultation

We provide expert advice on facilities and resources management to prospective clients in different sectors ranging from; Petroleum, Raw materials, natural resources etc.

Real Estate

We are also focused on the sales and leasing of luxury properties in Nigeria, providing a standard and affordable housing for both low and high income earners.

Real Estate

Our Properties

Overall scope

Mighty Agwu Investment LTD is made up of a team of great minds that have leveraged their well-developed skills and knowledge to generate an unprecedented level of quality and trust with customers and the market in general.


We deliver quality goods and services.


We trade at the best competitive rates.

Fully Compliant

We comply with all services and regulatory standards.

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